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Celebrate Tradition and Nature with Florence Attaché's Olive Oil Tasting Experience

Updated: Apr 15

Florence Attaché is proud to announce a new cultural and culinary venture: the Olive Oil Tasting Experience, in a refined partnership with the esteemed Gonnelli family, who have been at the forefront of olive oil excellence since 1585. This initiative celebrates the family's heritage through two of their respected estates: Frantoio Vertine and the historic Frantoio di Santa Téa, both exemplars of the art of olive oil production.

In the heart of this collaboration lies our recent engagement with "Unusual Address" at Riva Lofts Florence on April 14, 2024, a noteworthy event where Serena Gonnelli showcased their prized Frantoio Vertine oil.

This event served as a prime opportunity for Florence Attaché to nurture future partnerships aimed at preserving the verdant heart of Florence:

Unusual Address is a distinctive community dedicated to the promotion and protection of Monumental Trees and urban green spaces, a mission they have been pursuing since 2019 with a particular focus on botanical themes. By casting a spotlight on the centenarian trees of the city and private gardens, Unusual Address articulates an extraordinary vision of the natural elements that enrich Florence and Tuscany. They believe that nature is the original and primary work of art, the foundation from which all beauty springs. Together with RAMI, a volunteer organization committed to the safeguarding of monumental trees in Italy, Unusual Address works towards increasing awareness and fostering the protection of these natural treasures.

Introducing the Olive Oil Tasting Experience by Florence Attaché

The Olive Oil Tasting Experience we are introducing is a sensory exploration of the world of fine Italian olive oils. It provides a pathway through history and culture, echoing the Italian passion for olive oil—a cherished element of their identity and culinary tradition. This deep connection is evident in the Italian custom of welcoming diners with fresh bread and the finest local olive oil, symbolizing hospitality and the promise of a quality meal.

Florence Attaché offers the flexibility to savor this experience at the Olivia Bistrot or at your accommodation, including our network of partner hotels. The tasting is tailored to enhance your stay, ensuring an authentic Tuscan journey.

We cordially invite you to embark on this epicurean adventure, to engage with the timeless traditions that define Italian culture. To reserve your Olive Oil Tasting Experience and immerse in the authenticity of Tuscan flavors, you are welcome to visit our service page.

Join us at Florence Attaché to experience the legacy of Italian olive oil, where the dedication of the Gonnelli family, the history of Frantoio Vertine and Frantoio di Santa Téa, and our commitment to cultural experiences and environmental stewardship converge, offering an unparalleled immersion into the heart of Italian heritage.

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