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Embracing Elegance and Empowerment: The Maison Goldblum Method at The22

Updated: Mar 29

Greetings from Florence Attaché,

We are thrilled to share with you an extraordinary experience that has recently graced Florence's wellness scene.

Understanding that our esteemed clients cherish unique and enriching experiences, we are excited to introduce you to The22's latest offering that aligns perfectly with our ethos of exceptional living.

The22, a holistic wellness club located in the enchanting city of Florence, has launched the "Maison Goldblum Method" with Emilie Goldblum. As we consistently seek to bring forward opportunities that enhance your lifestyle, we found this method to be a perfect blend of physical prowess and poetic grace. Whether you're a returning visitor to Florence or an expatriate seeking community, The22 extends a warm invitation to experience a fitness journey like no other.

Below is an intimate glimpse into The Maison Goldblum Method, a program that promises not only to rejuvenate the body but also to nourish the soul. We believe this could be a valuable addition to your Florentine experience, offering a space where you can cultivate both strength and serenity.

Photo Credit Natsuko Teruya

A Visit to The22: Embracing Strength and Femininity with The Maison Goldblum Method

In the heart of Florence, where the grandeur of the Duomo dominates the skyline and the city's historical essence pulses through the cobblestone streets, there exists a sanctuary of wellness that stands apart from the city's lively spirit. This is The22, a holistic wellness club that blends the tranquility of the East with the vibrancy of the West, co-founded by Lucinda Pasi and Aparna Thadani. Nestled within walls that breathe minimalist elegance, Emilie Goldblum presents her “Maison Goldblum Method” (MGM) to Italy, heralding a novel era of holistic fitness.

The Maison Goldblum Method: A Symphony of Movement

Emilie Goldblum, the rhythmic gymnast, aerialist, and contortionist whose accolades include three national championships in Canada and an impressive performance resume, has sculpted a workout method that’s not merely a physical exercise but a celebration of feminine power and grace. MGM is a fusion of barre, cardio, and tone that operates on a philosophy deeply rooted in the personal and the poetic. Emilie describes the MGM as “an amalgamation of what I’ve learned over the last three decades of life. It's a profoundly personal creation, something that makes me feel good and has always saved me in the toughest moments.”

My Experience at The22: Power and Poetry in Motion

As I stepped into the class at The22, I was enveloped in an ambiance that fosters strength and welcomes with a warm smile. The workout began with the grace of ballet and the vigor of gymnastics – a powerful combination that encouraged me to stretch beyond my perceived limits. Emilie is more than an instructor; she's a beautiful soul who inspires expansion – not just of our physical capabilities but of our minds, urging us to break the bonds of our self-imposed limitations.

Aparna and Lucinda, the founders, emphasized the club's holistic approach to wellness. They've crafted an environment that goes beyond mere physical activities to include hospitality as a key element of the wellness experience. This is a place that feels like home, where the décor, the scents, and the ambiance all play a role in the rejuvenating experience.

The22 photo by Olga Makarova

The22 and Florence Attaché: A Harmonious Collaboration

This collaboration with Emilie Goldblum is a jewel in the crown for Florence Attaché clients. For those visiting Florence or expatriates seeking a community, The22 offers a chance to engage in a transformative experience without the commitment of membership.

A quote from Emilie herself captures the essence of her method: "I aim to offer women the tools to feel strong, powerful, supple, and have a balanced control in the body by focusing on our smaller micro-muscles." And indeed, after the class, there is a shared sense of strength and a palpable bond among the women present.

A Parting Thought

Leaving The22, you carry with you not just the physical afterglow of a fulfilling workout but the emotional and mental recharge that comes from being part of a community that values strength, ambition, and beauty in its many forms. It’s not just a club; it’s a haven for those looking to nurture their body and soul.

As Emilie poetically states, "If I had to describe [the MGM] in short, I would call it a workout focused on strengthening the stabilizer muscles, essential for preventing injuries, giving tone and lightness as a classical dance lesson would."

In Florence, at The22, the Maison Goldblum Method beckons. It’s more than an exercise regime; it’s a lifestyle – a graceful, powerful, and liberating journey into holistic well-being.

For anyone seeking to explore the MGM and The22, it stands as an invitation to join a community that celebrates every facet of wellness. As Emilie profoundly reminds us, it’s about letting go of discomfort and embracing the harmony of movement and mindfulness.

"If something isn't working, there's no problem: you must listen to yourself and let go of what creates discomfort."

To all the ambitious women out there, The22 and the Maison Goldblum Method await to help you find strength, community, and a sense of home in Florence.

We at Florence Attaché are confident that this addition to The22's offerings will resonate with our clients who hold wellness and self-care in high regard. Join us in embracing a lifestyle of holistic well-being and discover a new community of inspiring women ready to welcome you into their fold.

Warm regards,

Your Florence Attaché Team

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