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Elevating Your Italian Journey: Welcome to Florence Attaché

Welcome to Florence Attaché, your premier boutique destination management company and travel concierge in the heart of Italy. I'm Laura, the passionate founder of this unique venture. My journey in the luxury hospitality sector, including a significant tenure at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel & Spa, has deeply influenced my vision for Florence Attaché.

Born from a desire to revolutionize the travel experience, Florence Attaché emerged in 2022 as a beacon of excellence and authenticity in the post-pandemic world. We witnessed a dip in service quality across the industry due to staffing shortages, and this observation, combined with my lifelong love for travel and Florence, became the cornerstone of our ethos.

At Florence Attaché, we redefine the essence of travel. Our mission extends beyond the typical offerings of a travel agency. We are dedicated to ensuring that every client, whether a visitor or a local, experiences the mesmerizing charm of Florence in a manner that resonates with their individual style and preferences.

Our services are not just for tourists exploring Florence for the first time. They are equally tailored for locals who have been part of the city's fabric since forever or those who have recently made Florence their home. From private chefs crafting personalized dining experiences in the comfort of your home to personal trainers in exclusive private gyms, we cater to every facet of luxury living.

Need a private driver to navigate the city's charming streets or looking to explore secret, off-the-beaten-path locations? Florence Attaché is your gateway to discovering these hidden treasures. Whether you're a lifelong resident wanting to reconnect with your city or a newcomer eager to absorb its culture and history, our services are designed to deepen your connection with Florence.

Our journey has been one of perseverance and passion. Navigating the complex maze of bureaucratic challenges, we have emerged stronger, ready to offer an array of unique, personalized experiences not just in Florence but across Tuscany and Umbria.

Our commitment goes beyond mere arrangements. We invite you to engage with us, share your curiosities and desires, and let us transform them into memories that will last a lifetime. With Florence Attaché, every interaction is an opportunity to elevate your experience.

To further enrich your journey, we are excited to introduce our monthly blog. This platform will not only uncover the lesser-known gems of Florence but also provide expert travel advice and captivating stories from guest writers. It's a space where the secrets and wonders of this enchanting city are brought to life.

Join us at Florence Attaché, and together, let's explore the magic and high-quality experiences that Florence has to offer. Whether you're a local or a visitor, our mission is to make your time in this beautiful city unforgettable. Welcome aboard!

"Customer needs may vary, but their bias for quality never does." J. Willard Marriott


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