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Florentine Craftsmanship Private Tour

Masters of Florence: A Journey through Time and Craftsmanship

  • 4 hours
  • 396 euros
  • Firenze, Italy

Service Description

This private tour offers a unique opportunity to witness first-hand the timeless artistry that has defined Florence since the Renaissance. As we walk the same streets where great masters once roamed, prepare to be mesmerized by the blend of history and skilled craftsmanship in each workshop. ANCIENT WOOD CARVING WORKSHOP Begin at one of Florence's oldest workshops.Witness the carving and gilding of wooden frames, a technique from the 15th century. "COMMESSO FIORENTINO" WORKSHOP Explore the renowned workshop for marble-inlaid objects with precious stones. This technique, originating in 1577 for the Medici family, is a Florentine invention. LOST WAX TECHNIQUE IN JEWELRY MAKING Learn about the "Lost wax" technique at a famous Florentine goldsmith’s laboratory. Discover how stunning gold jewelry is crafted using this age-old method. LEATHER SCHOOL IN SANTA CROCE Visit the world-famous Leather School. Observe traditional manufacturing of leather items, including gold or silver leaf decoration. FLORENTINE JEWELRY MAESTRO'S ATELIER Experience the creativity of one of Florence's most imaginative jewelers. Admire unique rings and necklaces inspired by fairy tales, Gothic style, and contemporary art. As our tour concludes, we hope you have been inspired by the exceptional artistry and heritage of Florence's craftsmen. These workshops not only preserve ancient techniques but also breathe new life into them, creating a living bridge between the past and the present. Remember, some workshops may be closed on weekends, so plan accordingly to fully experience the magic of Florentine craftsmanship. Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey, and may the beauty and skill you've witnessed today stay with you as enduring memories of Florence. Cost for a group of up to six individuals.

Cancellation Policy

To secure a reservation for our exclusive tours, a pre-payment is required at least 15 business days prior to the tour date. This pre-payment ensures your place and allows us to offer the high-quality, personalized experience that Florence Attaché is known for. The pre-payment is non-refundable if the service is cancelled 30 days or less prior to the scheduled visit. Full payment of the service is due at the time of booking to secure the reservation. Please be advised that the full payment amount is based on the total cost of the booking. The exact amount will be clearly communicated upon confirmation of your booking. Our cancellation policy is applicable to all exclusive experiences we offer, including but not limited to tours, special openings, and other tailored events. Should you wish to proceed with a booking or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us with your preferred dates. We will check the availability and provide all the details necessary to complete your booking.

Florence Attaché Contact

  • +393471813280

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