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Florence awaits.

When visiting a city, your time is precious. At Florence Attaché, we act as ambassadors for Florence, giving you the best recommendations and organizing tailor-made experiences, so you never waste your time on tourist traps or reading online guides.

Practicalities, gastronomy, fitness, culture, wellness. Our services ensure you maximize and enjoy every single second of your stay in Florence.

Our three ambassdors

of Florence

As ambassadors, our mission is for visitors to fall in love with Florence so they come back year after year. We draw on our wealth of knowledge living in the city to provide visitors with quality and authentic experiences that they’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Enjoy Florence with your loved ones. Allow us to plan and organize a personalized itinerary that suits you and your budget. Quality assured.

Cities change fast.


Our local presence means we continuously inspect our recommendations to ensure quality.


Florence Attaché delivers bespoke experiences in Tuscany and Umbria, catering to the unique tastes of both locals and visitors. Our team specializes in creating exclusive journeys, offering a deep dive into the region's rich culture, heritage, and hidden gems. Far from the usual tourist paths, we unveil Tuscany and Umbria's most authentic and lesser-known locales. Whether it's a private villa stay, a custom trip, or a unique local experience, we ensure a memorable Italian adventure tailored just for you. Join us to uncover the true essence of Italian living, away from the crowds and into the heart of genuine Italy.

Enhance your Italian voyage with our personalized service at Florence Attaché.

Image by Carmen Laezza

Single Services

At Florence Attaché, we offer personalized services to enhance your Florence experience. Choose from our range of exclusive options including a private chef, personal trainer, private gym access, or a relaxing in-home massage.


Seeking local experiences? Opt for a custom tour guide, private driver, or a bespoke wine tasting. Our goal is to make your visit memorable with authentic, high-quality services, ensuring you fall in love with Florence and return year after year.

Concierge Service

The word "Concierge" evokes a sense of high-quality comfort and supreme satisfaction. Our concierge services embody this spirit, offering top-notch assistance and catering to the varied and sophisticated needs of our clients. Whether it's fulfilling everyday requests or more elaborate wishes, we're committed to providing high-quality services that enhance your experience.

Chef at Work
Image by Tzenik

Personalized Italian Adventures

Discover Italy through bespoke travel experiences tailored for solo adventurers, families, and small groups. Our meticulously crafted journeys are fine-tuned to align perfectly with your unique preferences and desires, ensuring an exclusive and unforgettable experience. Every detail is seamlessly managed to exceed your expectations, making each trip a memorable adventure.

Book a free consultation

Unsure which visit is right for you? Do you have other needs while in Florence? Let us know.  Book a free consultation and we will see how we can help.

Sarah, London, UK

Our experience with Florence Attaché was nothing short of magical. The private wine tasting they organized in the Tuscan countryside was a highlight of our trip. Every detail was thoughtfully curated, making us feel truly special. We can't wait to return to Florence and explore more with their team.
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